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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark Richard Hamill (born September 25, 1951) is an American actor, voice artist, producer, director, and writer. Hamill is best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy and also well known for voice-acting characters such as the Joker in various animated series, animated films and video games, beginning with Batman: The Animated Series, the Skeleton king in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Skips in Regular Show, and Senator Stampington on Metalocalypse. Description above from the Wikipedia article Mark Hamill, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia .

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Sep 25, 1951 In Concord, California, USA
In the series The Texas Wheelers
電影 星球大戰8:最後的絕地武士 2017-12-13
Poster of 王牌特工:特工學院
Poster of 閃電俠
Poster of 惡搞之家
Poster of 辛普森一家
Series The Texas Wheelers Doobie Wheeler 2019
Series Tasty Time with ZeFronk Dom 2017
電影 星球大戰8:最後的絕地武士 Luke Skywalker / Dobbu Scay (voice) 2017-12-13
Series Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby Slick 2017
Series Danger Rangers Burt 2017
Series SP FX: The Empire Strikes Back Unknown 2017
電影 布裏斯比熊 Ted Mitchum 2017-07-27
Series Spawn: The Animation Sam and Twitch 2017
電影 Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey Himself 2016-04-16
電影 蝙蝠俠:致命玩笑 The Joker (voice) 2016-07-21
Series Justice League Action Alec Holland (voice) 2016-12-16
電影 Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness Zip Elvin (voice) 2015-02-17
電影 Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed Himself 2015-06-08
電影 王牌特工:特工學院 Professor James Arnold 2015-01-29
電影 星球大戰7:原力覺醒 Luke Skywalker 2015-12-15
電影 Star Wars: Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel Himself 2015-12-15
電影 Regular Show: The Movie Skips 2015-09-01
電影 樂高電影:正義聯盟大戰末日軍團 The Trickster / Sinestro (voice) 2015-08-25
電影 聖誕精靈:巴迪的音樂聖誕節 Walter (voice) 2014-12-16
Series 閃電俠 James Jesse / The Trickster 2014-10-07
電影 Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem Mr. Salacia / Senator Stampingston (voice) 2013-10-27
電影 Virtually Heroes Monk 2013-01-18
電影 Back To The Sea Bunker (voice) 2012-01-27
Series 馴龍記:伯克島的龍騎手 Alvin the Treacherous 2012-08-07
電影 Airborne Malcolm 2012-03-15
電影 Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey Void (voice) 2012-12-02
Series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kavaxas 2012-09-28
電影 壽司女郎 Crow 2012-12-07
Series Dan Vs. Dr. Pullum 2011-01-01
Series The Problem Solverz Buddy Huxton 2011-04-04
電影 Scooby Doo and The Zombies Barge Captain Guzman / Emperor Caesar Saladicus (archive footage) 2011-08-30
Series Generator Rex Unknown 2010-04-23
Series 探險時光 Unknown 2010-04-05
Series Regular Show Skips 2010-09-06
電影 但丁的地獄之旅 Alighiero 2010-02-09
電影 Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare Deacon / Babyface Boretti / Store Owner 2010-09-14
Series Zevo-3 Stankfoot 2010-10-06
電影 LEGO Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies Von Nebula (voice) 2010-11-16
Series 複仇者:世上最強英雄組合 Klaw 2010-09-22
Series LEGO: Hero Factory Von Nebula 2010-09-20
電影 武士阿非:複活 Bin 2009-01-25
Series The Super Hero Squad Show Chthon 2009-09-14
電影 Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too Turtle (voice) 2009-04-07
電影 Futurama: Bender's Big Score Hannukkah Zombie 2008-03-05
Series Ben & Izzy Jake Martin 2008-09-01
Series Random! Cartoons Frank the Director 2008-12-06
Series 超市特工 Jean-Claude 2007-09-24
Series Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World Saul 2007-07-10
電影 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Luke Skywalker (voice) 2007-07-17
電影 塔拉星球之戰 Elder Orin (voice) 2007-09-06
電影 Best Ever Muppet Moments Himself 2006-03-11
電影 Queer Duck: The Movie Vendor 2006-07-18
電影 太空堡壘:暗影編年 Commander Taylor 2006-08-25
電影 貓和老鼠-海盜尋寶 The Skull 2006-08-21
Series Metalocalypse Senator Stampingston / Mr. Selatcia 2006-08-06
電影 Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation Z.E.R.O. Stickybeard 2006-08-10
Series Robot Chicken Unknown 2005-02-20
電影 Batman: New Times The Joker (voice) 2005-01-26
Series Avatar: The Last Airbender Fire Lord Ozai 2005-02-21
電影 Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman Narrator (voice) 2005-01-01
電影 The Real Glory: Reconstructing 'The Big Red One' Himself 2005-05-03
Series IGPX Yamma 2005-11-05
Series 犯罪心理 Unknown 2005-09-22
電影 Thru the Moebius Strip Simon Weir 2005-09-06
Series Danny Phantom Unknown 2004-04-03
電影 Comic Book: The Movie Donald Swan 2004-01-27
Series The Batman Unknown 2004-09-11
電影 Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy Himself 2004-09-12
Series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 2004-09-18
電影 Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party Himself 2004-11-17
電影 When Star Wars Ruled the World Himself 2004-09-18
Series Stuart Little: The Animated Series 2003-03-01
電影 Reeseville Zeek Oakman 2003-03-07
電影 Aero-Troopers: The Nemeclous Crusade Older Joshua (voice) 2003-01-01
Series The Wrong Coast Jameson Burkright 2003-12-03
Series Birds of Prey Unknown 2003-05-21
Series Cold Pizza Unknown 2003-10-20
Series VH1 Goes Inside Unknown 2003-06-20
Series Teamo Supremo Birthday Bandit 2002-01-19
電影 Balto II: Wolf Quest Niju the Evil Wolf (voice) 2002-02-19
Series What's New, Scooby-Doo? Unknown 2002-09-14
Series Codename: Kids Next Door Unknown 2002-12-06
電影 Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa Eric (voice) 2002-11-25
電影 白爛賤客 Cock-Knocker 2001-08-22
電影 Thank You, Good Night Karl, Lee's Father 2001-01-01
Series Time Squad Unknown 2001-06-08
Series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Unknown 2001-08-24
Series Justice League Solomon Grundy 2001-11-17
Series Totally Spies! Unknown 2001-11-03
電影 Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists Captain of the Guard 2000-03-24
電影 Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders Steve 2000-01-01
Series Hollywood Off Ramp Alex Cross 2000-06-04
Series Son of the Beach Unknown 2000-03-15
Series Static Shock Unknown 2000-09-23
Series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law Unknown 2000-12-30
電影 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker The Joker and Jordan Pryce 2000-12-12
電影 Joseph: King of Dreams Judah (voice) 2000-11-07
Series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Flint 2000-08-08
電影 Gen 13 Threshold / Matthew Callahan (voice) 2000-10-30
電影 Walking Across Egypt Lamar N. Benfield 1999-01-01
Series Batman Beyond Unknown 1999-01-10
Series Rocket Power Unknown 1999-08-16
Series 惡搞之家 Unknown 1999-01-31
Series The New Woody Woodpecker Show Buzz Buzzard 1999-05-08
Series Oh Yeah! Cartoons 1998-01-01
電影 Watchers Reborn Murphy 1998-01-01
電影 Hamilton Hawkins 1998-01-30
Series The Powerpuff Girls Unknown 1998-11-18
電影 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island Snakebite Scruggs (voice) 1998-09-22
電影 The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest The Joker (voice) 1998-08-18
Series Johnny Bravo Unknown 1997-07-07
電影 Laserhawk Bob Sheridan 1997-01-29
Series EP Daily Unknown 1997-09-01
Series Just Shoot Me! Unknown 1997-03-04
Series The Legend of Calamity Jane 1997-09-13
Series Pepper Ann Unknown 1997-09-13
Series Cow and Chicken Unknown 1997-09-16
Series The New Batman Adventures Unknown 1997-09-20
Series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Unknown 1996-08-26
Series Space Cases Unknown 1996-03-02
Series The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper Ezra Hazzard 1996-02-24
Series Adventures from the Book of Virtues Theseus 1996-09-02
Series Superman: The Animated Series Unknown 1996-09-06
Series The Incredible Hulk Gargoyle 1996-09-08
Series Bruno the Kid Harris 1996-09-23
Series Hey Arnold! Unknown 1996-10-07
Series Wing Commander Academy Christopher Blair 1996-09-21
Series The Outer Limits Unknown 1995-03-26
電影 Village of the Damned Reverend George 1995-04-28
Series What a Cartoon! King Raymond 1995-02-20
Series Mina and the Count Vlad the Count 1995-11-05
Series Pinky and the Brain Jimmy Joe Jr. 1995-09-09
Series The Savage Dragon 1995-09-21
Series MADtv Unknown 1995-10-14
Series Freakazoid! Unknown 1995-09-09
Series Red Planet James Marlowe Sr. 1994-05-14
Series seaQuest DSV Unknown 1994-01-19
電影 Silk Degrees 1994-08-24
電影 The Magic Flute Prince Tamino 1994-04-30
Series The Tick Julius Pendecker 1994-09-10
電影 Phantom 2040: The Ghost Who Walks Dr. Jak 1994-11-24
Series Spider-Man Unknown 1994-11-19
Series Phantom 2040 Unknown 1994-09-18
Series Fantastic Four Unknown 1994-09-24
電影 Time Runner Michael Raynor 1993-03-17
Series Bonkers Unknown 1993-02-28
電影 Body Bags Brent Matthews 1993-08-07
Series Biker Mice from Mars Pierre Fluffbottom / L'Ectromag 1993-09-18
電影 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm The Joker (voice) 1993-12-25
電影 The Flintstones : Hollyrock a Bye Baby Slick (voice) 1993-12-05
Series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron Unknown 1993-09-11
Series 2 Stupid Dogs Platypus 1993-09-05
電影 舐血夜魔 Lt. Jenkins 1992-04-10
Series Batman: The Animated Series The Joker 1992-09-05
電影 The Flash 2 - Revenge of the Trickster James Jesse / The Trickster 1991-09-18
電影 The Guyver Max Reed 1991-01-01
電影 Black Magic Woman Brad Travis 1991-04-24
Series The Legend of Prince Valiant Unknown 1991-09-03
電影 Earth Angel Wayne Stein 1991-03-04
電影 Midnight Ride Justin Mckay 1990-01-01
Series The Flash James Jesse / The Trickster 1990-09-20
Series 辛普森一家 Unknown 1989-12-17
電影 La chute des aigles Peter Froehlich 1989-01-01
電影 Slipstream Will Tasker 1989-06-22
Series The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents Unknown 1985-05-05
Series Amazing Stories Unknown 1985-09-29
電影 星球大戰6:絕地歸來 Luke Skywalker 1983-05-23
電影 From 'Star Wars' to 'Jedi': The Making of a Saga Himself, Narrator 1983-12-03
Series Nature Unknown 1982-10-10
電影 Return of the Ewok Himself / Luke Skywalker 1982-01-01
電影 Britannia Hospital Red 1982-05-27
電影 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Conrad 1981-05-29
電影 星球大戰5:帝國反擊戰 Luke Skywalker 1980-05-20
電影 紅一縱隊 Pvt. Griff, 1st Squad 1980-05-28
電影 SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker / Host 1980-09-22
電影 Corvette Summer Kenneth W. Dantley Jr. 1978-06-02
電影 The Star Wars Holiday Special Luke Skywalker 1978-12-01
Series Headmaster Allan 1977-02-07
Series Eight Is Enough 1977-03-15
電影 The City Eugene Banks 1977-01-12
Series ABC Weekend Special Tamino 1977-09-10
電影 星球大戰4:新希望 Luke Skywalker 1977-05-25
電影 The Making of 'Star Wars' Himself 1977-09-16
Series Fred Flintstone and Friends 1977-10-03
Series The Muppet Show Unknown 1976-09-18
電影 Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic Ken Newkirk 1975-02-11
Series One Day at a Time Unknown 1975-12-16
Series Bronk Unknown 1975-09-21
Series Petrocelli Unknown 1974-09-11
Series Lucas Tanner Craig Stanton 1974-09-11
Series The Manhunter Unknown 1974-09-11
Series The Magician Ian Keefer 1973-10-02
Series Jeannie Corey Anders 1973-09-08
Series The Streets of San Francisco Unknown 1972-09-16
Series The New Scooby-Doo Movies Unknown 1972-09-09
Series Cannon Unknown 1971-09-14
Series Night Gallery Unknown 1970-12-16
Series Room 222 Unknown 1969-09-11
Series Medical Center Unknown 1969-09-24
Series The Bill Cosby Show Unknown 1969-09-14
Series The F.B.I. Unknown 1965-09-19
Series Insight Steve 1960-10-02
Series The Academy Awards Unknown 1953-03-18
Series Hallmark Hall of Fame Unknown 1951-12-24