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frome Wikipedia Terry Notary is an American actor, stunt coordinator/double and movement coach. Born in San Rafael, California, Notary was in gymnastics class in school and won many State Championships. Later in his 20's, he was a performer at Cirque du Soleil, shortly after he joined, he met his wfe Rhonda in New York. Notary mainly portrays creatures and animals for the film and television industry. He is also a motion capture performer in films like The Adventures of Tintin: Secrets of the Unichorn, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Avatar. He now lives with his wife and his two daughters.

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In San Rafael, USA
In the movie The Forgotten Ones 2008-11-08
電影 複仇者聯盟3:無限戰爭(下) 2019-04-24
Poster of 方形
Poster of 魔獸
Poster of 霍比特人2:史矛革之戰
Poster of 阿凡達
電影 複仇者聯盟3:無限戰爭(下) Teen Groot / Cull Obsidian 2019-04-24
電影 複仇者聯盟3:無限戰爭(上) Cul Obsidian 2018-04-25
電影 金剛:骷髏島 Kong (motion capture) 2017-03-08
電影 猩球崛起3:終極之戰 Rocket 2017-07-11
電影 方形 Oleg 2017-08-25
電影 魔獸 Grommash Hellscream 2016-05-25
電影 猩球崛起2:黎明之戰 Rocket 2014-06-26
電影 霍比特人2:史矛革之戰 Goblin 2013-12-11
電影 林中小屋 The Clown (uncredited) 2012-04-12
電影 霍比特人:意外之旅 Goblin (uncredited) 2012-11-26
電影 街區大作戰 The Creature 2011-05-12
電影 猩球崛起 Rocket / Bright Eyes 2011-08-03
電影 The Lost Tribe Alpha Male 2009-11-07
電影 阿凡達 Banshee (uncredited) 2009-12-10
電影 The Forgotten Ones Alpha Creature 2008-11-08